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"My husband and I are not the best dancers in the world, but when we got married in Jamaica I wanted to at least be able to entertain the guests a little during our first dance.  Luckily I asked Kerri for a little advice and she offered much more than that!  She actually came over to our house and choreographed our dance for us.  It was perfect because she combined moves that we already knew with a few special ones of her own.  Our song was Angel by Shaggy - so we had a lot of fun not only entertaining our guests but maybe even impressing them a bit as well.  Everyone commented on how much they loved our dance, especially the ones who knew Kevin and know that he does not love being in the spotlight.  Kerri helped him get over his fears by offering him an easy to remember routine with expert looking moves.  We had so much fun working with Kerri and practicing our first dance.  I wish we could do it all over again!!!"
Ashley Lanahan, L.Ac.

Thanks Kerri for choreographing our Latin inspired first dance for our wedding! I really can't believe you were able to transform us from 4 left feet that never partner danced before to the saucy and awe inspiring dancers we became after only three 1 hour long sessions in my garage!  You are a magician! I really appreciate you caring enough about us as a couple to personalize our dance with movements unique to our personalities and being open minded enough to let us adapt it to what we felt most confident in doing!  The final product was exactly the combination of beauty, creativity, and comedy that we hoped it would be!  The dance truly set the fun and engergetic tone for the rest of the night and we thank you for being the creator of one of the most memorable parts of our special day!
Eve B. Marsh

I was looking for a dance instructor to take some dance lessons with my husband for our first dance at our wedding, I came across Kerri on Yelp and decided to take a chance based on her great reviews. Kerri came to our house for our lessons (super convenient!) and we were blown away by her. Not only is she an amazing dance instructor but she is such a genuinely nice person. She listened to our song (wasn't a typical first dance song) and immediately came up with a routine in her head and began teaching us. My husband and I are both not great dancers but she was able to tailor her teaching to us so that we both were able to catch on quickly. In just 4 lessons we had the dance down, she videotaped our lessons so we could watch and use for practice between lessons. We got so many compliments at our wedding. One of the best things about her lessons was that it was so much fun and stress free and it really added a fun element during the wedding process that my husband and I will always remember. I would definitely recommend Kerri!!! 

Aric and Rachelle Hiebing


As we had no dance experience at all, we knew we would need a lot of help to pull off anything for the first dance at our wedding.  Luckily we found Kerri and she was amazing at both the choreography and teaching.  We had our song picked and Kerri went to work right away working out our moves and teaching them to us, all with the most wonderful and positive attitude, despite our lack of natural ability.  We had so much fun with Kerri and can't believe that she had our our entire dance choreographed and had taught us all the moves within 4 sessions - did not think that would be possible for anyone to do.  Loved that she came to our house, as was so convenient.  We had what we consider the perfect wedding, which is more than we dared to hope for and Kerri was a big part of this as we were able to entertain and have so much fun together with our first dance.  We absolutely recommend Kerri to other couples.

Arlene & Eric Fuss

My fiance and I not only found an amazing dance instructor but a great friend as well! Kerri was so fun to work with and we absolutely love our dance.  Neither of us are good dancers but Kerri put together a routine that both of us could learn easily.  Also, I loved working with Kerri so much that we used her to put together a special bridesmaids dance to surprise the guests.  I can't wait to do both dances at my wedding!  I highly recommend Kerri for your dance instructor - and expect to get some good laughs too, she's hilarious! -Melissa

Kerri is great!  She came to our house - then met with us at the venue make sure everything is perfect for our first dance.  I was surprised how quickly and easily everything came together.  Kerri makes the process fun - yet keeps the focus on the goal - which is to have a great first dance.  I would recommend her to anyone! -Steve

Melissa and Steve Cooper

I saw Kerri's handi-work in Paso Robles in August 2012. She organized a flashmob at a wedding. The groom's grandmother got up and started dancing to a song right before dinner. It was completely unexpected.  From quiet to loud and grandma gettin' down. The whole wedding party joined in and all were in sync with their moves. It was so cool. If you want a choreographer for your first dance at your wedding or any other event Kerri will take good care of you.

Gary Alchin, Viewer/Guest

I can't say enough about this wonderful company. The instructor is professional and fun. Her down to earth attitude put my husband and I right at ease. I really enjoyed the experience and my guests were so emotional after watching us perform our first dance. I would highly recommend Kerri and Fancy Footwork 4 U. I also learned that she does more then first dances. She can provide entertainment for your entire reception. Great way to kick off the biggest party of your life!

Keith and Alicia Linder 

Incredible instructor who made our wedding that much better through her beautiful choreography! Fabulous!

Wade and Lena Haviland

Kerri saved me and my husband for our first dance at our wedding.  I never thought we would be a couple that had problems with knowing what type of first dance to do...but when our wedding first dance became closer we got more nervous.  We called Fancy Footwork4U because we saw Kerri's great work, first hand at a wedding for a friend and loved their first dance.  You wouldn't think that a first dance would be such a big deal, but for us the first dance was so important.  Having dance lessons before our wedding made dancing so much more enjoyable at our wedding dance.  The confidence that she instilled in me and my fiance to prepare us for our wedding first dance was great!  The wedding first dance lessons were FUN and when we actually had our first dance we were AWESOME!


When thinking about our first dance we didn't just want to twirl around in a circle over and over. So we contacted Kerri for dance lessons. She was so patient, helpful, professional, and generous with her time. She choreographed a dance that helped us express our love for each other. Our guests were impressed by our dance moves and it helped make our wedding even more memorable." 
Anarosela and Trace McCullough

From AJ:
I am not the type of person that goes dancing for fun, but I wanted to make sure our first dance was something special we could share with our family and friends.  Kerri was awesome right from the beginning--she was very instructive, and created a very comfortable and encouraging atmosphere.  The dance routine she choreographed for us was perfect and everyone at our reception loved it.
From Elysia:
Kerri was the perfect dance instrustor for AJ and I.  Neither of us have any dance experience but we wanted to put something special together for our first dance.  Kerri immediately put us at ease and was really patient with us through the whole process. She was also really accomodating and met with us at our house after work for all of our sessions.  Kerri choreographed an awesome routine for us and really listened to what we liked and changed what we didn't like.  It was super fun to learn and it turned out great!
The Bresslers

Can I just say that it has always been my wish to be a part of a flash mob and Kerri made this come true for about 20 of us moms at St. Pats Catholic School. We only met with Kerri a handful of times but we were able to pull of what seemed like an incredibly daunting task. She gave us confidence and was super patient with us. We danced to a medley of music spanning several decades at our school's gala aucton event. It was the talk of the eveing!  Thanks again Kerri, you rock! AND you are a beautiful person inside and out with a gift for dance.

Thai Vu Park in Carlsbad

            I had an amazing time when Kerri choreographed a GREAT flashdance for a bunch of us school moms! We got our "boogie" on at our annual fundraising Gala and looked good doing it--- she made it fun and somehow made us look like contestants for Dancing with the Stars  ! Thanks so much Kerri A Frederick.

Marsha Dufour in Carlsbad


" My wife Caroline and I were about 6 weeks away from our wedding day when I met Kerri. Upon learning she was a dance instructor I asked if she could help us to choreograph a dance routine for our 'first dance'.
I gave her a copy of the song, ' My Dearest Darling' by Etta James. A week later we began the 1st of 4 sessions with Kerri leading us through a very unique, funny, and charming routine. She incorporated our personalities and brought out our natural chemistry as she created the routine from scratch. We had great fun during our sessions and even though we are not experienced dancers we were able to learn and remember the steps.
On our wedding night we performed the dance for our friends and loved ones just as my wife had wanted to, inside a circle of our friends and family holding giant sparklers that were 3 feet long and burnt for 4 minutes!It was a magical experience for the both of us and we performed the dance flawlessly.
Thank you Kerri, for helping us create such a wonderful memory!"
Simon & Carline Graves
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