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About the Instructor
Kerri Frederick was born in Lompoc, CA and raised in beautiful Paso Robles, CA. She started her dance training at the age of 13. In her adolescence Kerri was highly intrigued by the "Pop" culture and absolutely loved music. It wasn't until a friend invited her to a local hip-hop class that she found dance was definitely for her. Armed with inspiration from her instructors and a strong work ethic from her family, Kerri quickly progressed to become a skilled young dancer. Her training at Class Act dance studio in Paso Robles, CA allowed her to train with some of the most creative and skilled instructors on the west coast, including Emmy nominated and world renowned choreographers Doriana Sanchez and Suzi Miller-Fuentes. She also spent summers training in Aspen,CO, San Francisco,CA and Santa Barbara,CA as well as New York City. After high school, she was accepted as a scholarship student to the prestigious Edge Performing Arts studio in West Hollywood, CA, where she was able to dance and train with elite choreographers working in the entertainment industry. She performed professionally throughout the U.S. with recording artists Mya, KC & JoJo, Weird Al Yankovic, Ruff Endz, Nu Flavor, and Brenton Wood.
After touring for over 6-months, Kerri returned home and was invited to teach dance at her alma mater, Paso Robles High School. She later transferred to Atascadero High School, her Father's alma matter, where she established the school's first dance team. In just their second year, Kerri's girls won a Bronze medal in a statewide competition. During her time at Atascadero High School, Kerri had the opportunity to work as a publicist, manager and choreographer with young, rising artists in the music industry.
In 2005, Kerri accepted the honor of being the maid of honor in one of her best friends' weddings. The bride being a dancer as well, Kerri had the idea of putting together a very special surprise wedding gift for the couple. She brought in 6 dancers to portray the Bride & Groom in 3 stages of their lives and relationship. After experiencing the special moments and emotions with the bride & groom as well as watching the reactions from the entire wedding reception room, she knew this was the start of something to embark on. 

In late 2008, Kerri was approached by her first wedding couple in San Diego. They were getting married in Jamaica and had only a few weeks before the "Big Day". Kerri took on the challenge and sent them off with, in their words... " The best, most entertaining dance for their wedding guests". From then on, Kerri has worked with many couples to help assist them in one of the most memorable moments of their wedding day!

In 2007, Kerri relocated to San Diego where she began teaching for Culture Shock dance studio. In mid 2008 she started and continues to instruct at Carlsbad Dance Centre.

Carlsbad Dance Centre has been her home for instruction over the last 6 years. She enjoys the amazing student-teacher relationships that have been built all along watching those students reach personal dance goals through her assistance. A HUGE thank you to Jana and Ron Romaine for the chance to continue her passion and creativity of dance in lives of the families and students at Carlsbad Dance Centre.

Another aspect and love that Kerri has is the knowledge and know how for health, wellness and well-being. She runs a wellness office for North County Integrative Health Center. She thanks Dr Joseph De Armas and the amazing practitioners at NCIHC for the examples made and care spent to touch so many lives, including her own, in health awareness.

Just recently has she been introduced to San Diego Academy of Ballet and asked to instruct and conduct a special needs dance class. Kerri has worked with the special needs population since she was 15. Her love and compassion for individuals with special needs will always be her biggest heart-warmer. She's very honored to have this opportunity and thanks SDAB for having her. 
"Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion." ~Martha Graham
"Dancing with the body is one thing, but dancing from the heart and soul is completely another." ~Kerri Frederick
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